April 10, 2017

Press Release 1

Pal Source and Exceed Consultancy sign an MoU

To launch Global Outsourcing to Palestine

Press Release

Pal Source, a US-based consulting firm and Palestine-based Exceed Consultancy recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to form a strategic partnership to launch Global Outsourcing to Palestine.

The Agreement aims at linking the Palestinian technical expertise with American companies that aim to outsource some of their services in the fields of Information Technology and Engineering including civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical and other engineering disciplines. The objective is to outsource these services to experienced companies, institutions and individuals in Palestine at competitive international rates.

Engineer Issa Eways, Chairman of the Board of Pal Source ( www.pal-source.com ), stated that the idea of establishing Pal Source stemmed from the desire of its two founders to create a company that would facilitate the contractual agreements between US-based companies and their Palestinian counterparts in the fields of Information Technology, Engineering and other support services. He added that Pal Source would, not only serve its US clients with state-of-the-art technical services, but would act as the main “Gateway to Outsourcing to Palestine” that would contribute to creating job opportunities to new Palestinian engineers and graduates aspiring to build their capacities and careers. That, in addition to, transferring the technical knowledge to these graduates, as well as reducing unemployment, especially among fresh female graduates. Mr. Eways stated that this project would ultimately help the Palestinian economy by employing a good portion of its unemployed, but highly skilled, human resources. Our ultimate goal, he added, is to have this project become a major pillar of the Palestinian Economy. “We have tremendous resources that are able to compete internationally but are still untapped due to various reasons, and we aim at elevating these resources”.

Mr. Eways added that Pal Source is an American company that has its headquarters in the United States and soon will have offices in Palestine. Pal Source will benefit from the experience of its founder’s company – Chromovision, which has over 17 years of experience in outsourcing projects to Jordan. It will also benefit from the experience of Palladian Consulting, which has tremendous experience in implementing various projects for companies in the USA. Palladian Consulting is owned by Sami Muhawi, a Palestinian American and co-founder of Pal Source. Pal Source will be sourcing out projects from US companies who have expressed interest and willingness to work with Palestinian IT and Engineering firms.

Mr. Eways pointed out that Jordan’s experience in exporting its Information and Communications Technology services is a note-worthy experience. Between 2000 and 2010, Jordan managed to increase its output from $ 300 million to more than $ 2 billion annually. That was only made possible through the government’s full support and an intensive marketing and promotional program by the government and individual companies.

Mr. Ghassan Anabtawi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Exceed Consultancy (info@exceed.consulting) expressed his optimism about this partnership, stating that it came after one year of extensive research, mutual discussions and brainstorming sessions between the two partner companies to validate the project’s feasibility .

The feasibility of this project is based on its overall impact on the Palestinian economy and its potential to provide jobs to companies and individuals who are eager to work and enhance their economic situation.

Mr. Anabtawi added that Exceed Consultancy was founded in early 2016 and is specialized in the field of management and financial consulting, as well as providing training services.

Despite its recent formation, Exceed benefits from the long experience and expertise of its two founders. Mr. Anabtawi managed numerous companies in Palestine and runs Anabtawi Creative Realities. Engineer Shireen Al Shelleh is an expert on infrastructure and strategic planning and implemented numerous projects in Palestine. This Pal Source inventive is in line with Exceed’s objective to expand its scope and service offerings by targeting businesses outside of Palestine.

According to this Agreement, Exceed Consultancy will be the local entity to contract and manage the Palestinian companies and individuals, while Pal Source will be in charge of marketing Pal Source in the USA as well as managing clients and projects.

Shireen Al-Shelleh stated that the partners will be enhancing the existing portal www.pal-source.com to allow companies and individuals to upload their CVs and credentials and allow US companies to search for and evaluate the technical capabilities and skill sets provided by the Palestinian counterparts. She also added that Pal Source marketing and promotional campaigns will be launched soon.